About Bunn.

Hats By Bunn has been a Harlem favorite for more than two decades. Our shop is located at 2283 7th Avenue. (Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Blvd) between 134th & 135th street. All hats are custom made to order by master milliner, Bunn. Stop into the shop for a classic original made for all seasons.

The Man Behind The Shop
Written By Brandee Sanders | NEWSONE

The boutique opened its doors in 2002, but Brooklyn-bred designer Mr. Bunn—the man behind the shop—has been serving the community long before that. His Harlem journey started as a street vendor in the 80s with a table in the heart of the neighborhood on 125th Street and Lenox. Once his business grew he decided to open a brick-and-mortar location. “I was sewing hats out of my house,” he said. “I came to do the Harlem Week Festival in the 80s and that’s when I started as a street vendor. I also was supplying a few stores in the community with hats. These were stepping stones for me. I just liked the energy in Harlem. It was trendy, cultural and conscious. On 125th Street everybody was selling something, whether it be incense, jewelry, black soap or African fabrics. It was an exciting time.” Prior to the current location at 2283 Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Blvd. he had a store on 135th Street in Harlem in the 90s.